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The Daughter’s Voice presents the interlocking stories of five young women from the Terai region of Western Nepal, where severe poverty and oppression forced generations of girls into indentured servitude. The girls were often sold for less than 60 dollars a year, and some were taken from their families as young as six years old. This was called the practice of Kamlari, and for the people of Western Nepal, it became a way of life.


Our cast will tell the incredible story of how more than 13,000 girls were rescued in just 16 years, and how an entire system of slavery was eradicated by the efforts of retired California Supreme Court attorney, Olga Murray and The Nepal Youth Foundationthe small NGO she founded 25 years ago.


Transformed into powerful activists, the freed slave girls have created their own NGO called The Freed Kamlari Development Forum. They are committed to helping each other build new lives through education, micro financing, and peer counseling.  Their continued activism, and dedication to each other, offer hope and inspiration to millions who are still struggling for freedom and human dignity.




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